Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

My coaching sessions focus on 4 different types of areas of expertises which are all included in a single, subscription based package. This means that you can participate in 1 or more sessions every week, depending on your needs.


Mindset &

Every session all participants feel their confidence grow, eyes are opened. One delighted hour full of inspiration followed by a boost of confidence and peace of mind. All of this due to my specific but practical tips and experience. The sessions will bring you on your destined path to a confident self. This will help you in all sorts of occasions in life like business, relationships, dating and overcoming other uncertainties.
  • Weekly sessions
  • Motivation and Wisdom
  • Confidence Booster

& Social skills
(Only men)

During these session participants will be trained on the highest level on their interpersonal and social skills. Through Q&A and using role-play to visualize questions we will test and improve your social skills providing you with mind blowing new skills you want to test out immediately after the session. Following this course will 100% fulfill your needs of improving your social skills so no need for joining other programs.
  • Weekly sessions
  • Train your Social Skills
  • Learn how to Close

(Only men)

During these sessions participants will get insights, tips and advice on how to up their dating app game. Learn how to master the texting skill and give the person on the other end of the app a great feeling talking to you. Learn how to text without feeling needy or greedy. And most importantly learn how to get from the app to an actual date to show what you've learned during the Only Dating sessions.
  • Weekly sessions
  • Learn Texting as a skill
  • Insights and Advice


All sessions will provide enormous depth with an approved step-by-step system which will show you another side of experiencing joy and happiness. We will be able to show you how your mind has been tricking you into not feeling your best self. Following the system provided in the sessions you will be able to save yourself from years of grief, pain and limiting beliefs. From pain to happiness!
  • Weekly sessions
  • Deep sessions
  • Find Joy & Happiness