I help men by improving their Mind & Skillset, so they become confident, have Better Dates and Healthier Relationships.

Cumhur Uzun - Coach
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My Coaching Sessions

Mindset & Confidence - Weekly Sessions

Do you suffer from lack of confidence in situations where you want to be more assertive and take control? Do you doubt yourself? Do you feel like you are not moving forward in your life? Do you suffer from complaints such as depression, fatigue or have you experienced things that you have not yet processed properly?

Interpersonal & Social Skills - Weekly Sessions

How to approach strangers or women in public and keep the conversation going. Build up emotional connection and know when to go and ask for a date. Interactive sessions: working on all kind of social skills and a proven step-by-step system.

Online Dating - Weekly Sessions

Become a master in online dating. In our weekly sessions we focus on your personal struggles on dating apps and social media and how to be more succesful online with texting.  Personal advice on how to attract the type of partner you want.

Mental Healing - Weekly Sessions

Replace negative thoughts and limiting beliefs for a happy life style. New start of loving yourself with our proven Step-By-Step system. 

Dating Mastery Programme

The Dating Mastery Programme is the ultimate way you can develop your inter-personal skills and find yourself to be more desirable to members of the opposite sex or other potential partners. By improving yourself and working on your weak points you can become a more confident, attractive and attentive partner. I offer two different packages in which the Silver package covers all the essentials and the Gold package goes deeper into fine-tuning your skills and how to put in into use online.

Silver Programme - 8 weeks

Learn how to attract your dream partner and have succesful dates. Find out how you can easily make new relationships with members of the opposite sex and make them mutually beneficial and satisfying without tricking them for satisfaction later. Improve your confidence and break out of the cycle of despair and feeling unworthy.

Gold Programme - 12 weeks

Everything in the Silver programme but with more hands on guidance and the opportunity to assist you with texting and online dating. Over the extra 4 weeks you will get a lot of time to fine tune your technique and we will definitely work together to make your dreams a reality.