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This 8 Week Programme Will Allow You To:

Approach women

No more approaching anxiety – feel happy and confident when talking and approaching women. Show them your best side and enjoy the experience of being in the company of beautiful women.

Be more confident

Overcome your fear and self-doubt by learning more about yourself. Get some advice on how to be more confident and a fun person to be around. Make people want to be with you!

Deal with rejection

Nobody likes to hear no, but if you can deal with rejection in a graceful way it will be better for you. Learn how to cope with being rejected without it affecting your confidence and self-worth.

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I give you all this...

You get access to your very own expert relationship coach Cumhur Uzun on a regular basis via Facebook, Zoom, Messenger, whatever it is to make you successful!

You will have access to a personal relationship coaching group where you can meet other likeminded students and share tips.

We will work through the modules together to help you stay on track and ensure you are learning in the fastest way possible in order to see real results in your daily life!


You also get!

Personal relationship & dating strategy tailored just for you worth €500!

Special access to our private space where you can see all the module and course material in your own time.

Special consultation time with Cumhur who will explain to you specific things you can do to improve your chances in attracting the right person for you.

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A guarantee from Cumhur…

When you sign up to this course I will make sure you put in the effort you deserve to and change your life around. I know I can make you a success, it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are – everyone can learn something from this course. I want you to be more confident, to learn about yourself, and most of all to have fun! I will work my ass off to ensure that after the 8 weeks is up you will really be in a better position than you are today!